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Antibiotics Can Increase The Risk Of Obesity

Antibiotics Can Increase The Risk Of Obesity

Antibiotics are life saving, it kills bacteria that can make us sick, however, it also kills good bacteria that plays an important role in our digestion and immune system. A research from Harvard University discovered that children who were given antibiotics more frequently has higher chance of getting obesity as adults.

Besides obesity, “giving antibiotics and antacids early in life increases the risk of food allergies and other allergic disease like asthma.”

Therefore we need to be really careful about using antibiotics. The research suggested:

“Since doctors write the prescriptions, it’s mostly doctors that need to make the change. But parents can play an important role, by asking if a prescription for antibiotics (or antacids) is truly necessary. If the answer is yes, parents should give it — but they should also ask about giving the shortest course possible.”

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Giving babies and toddlers antibiotics can increase the risk of obesity